We are creating a social network with
monetization of likes

We are creating a social network with monetization of likes

Monoreto - is the real social network where every user can earn

Enjoy your time on Monoreto - earn money on likes and improve the quality of your content

Monoreto is changing the face of social networks. Stop wasting your time at other social networks! Those same 32 minutes will bring you money!

How does it work?

  • Subscribe to interesting posts;
  • Add your likes to content that inspires you;
  • Your rating increases;
  • Your content appears in recommendations for other users;
  • You earn from their likes;
  • Communicate, share content, conduct charity and crowdfunding campaigns, participate in contests or launch your own, carry out instant money transfers.

Main distinction


Traditional social networks don’t pay their users for the content generated


Monoreto social network gives their user a great opportunity to start earning money from their content

Monoreto users receive MONO-tokens for each like recieived!

Progressive solutions

Use cases

Blog and earn

The price of a Like in MONO tokens is tied to the equivalent in US dollars — 5 cents.

Like and become popular

Like more and get into the Monoreto Top Content.

Raise funds for your start-up

Like monetization allows users to raise funds and invest.



Distributions of tokens

Distributions of funds



  • 2017

  • The 2nd quarter
    • Research needs of market
    • Research of platform launch on the international market
    • Creation of draft platform design
  • The 3rd quarter
    • Development of marketing innovation mechanism inside platform Monoreto
    • Resolving questions of technical realization of the platform and its scaling
  • The 4th quarter
    • Preparation to blockchain technology use in project
    • The beginning of work on Whitepaper
    • Engagement of consultants
    • Project introduction to potential users
    • Development of ITO campaign for raising funds
    • Overview of technological solutions of the platform and its positioning
    • Development of media plan and marketing research
  • 2018

  • The 1st quarter
    Preparation for the tokensale
    • Beginning of marketing campaigns on tokens sale
    • Organization of Monoreto’s community
    • Presentation of project and integration into mass media
  • The 2nd -4rd quarters
    • Presentation of functional core of platform
    • Start of fund raising to bring product to world market
    • Presentation of project to holders of tokens at international level
    • Completing distribution of tokens
    • Beta-version of product
  • The 3rd quarter
    • Pre-ICO 2.0
    • Mainnet
    • Unlock 20% of tokens for first users from platform development fund
    • Designing effective smart feed tools to promote users
    • Developing mobile application
    • Translation to additional languages
  • The 3rd quarter
    • Monoreto Investment
    • Launching escrow system
    • Smart contracts within the platform
  • 2019

  • The 4th quarter
    • Listing on centralized and decentralized exchanges
    • Application functions upgraded
    • Fixed timely rewards for the token holders
    • Net of own offices in Asia
    • Charitable programs


Suumit Shah

A serial entrepreneur and a digital marketing expert with more than 8 years of experience in running a successful digital marketing agency

Nikolay Shkilev

Crypto enthusiast and mentor. Rated Top 5 in People of Blockchain. Has 20 years of experience in large-scale transaction projects.

Philip Nunn

Entrepreneur, CEO (The Blackmore Group) and international speaker on blockchain, cryptocurrency and fintech. More than 15 years of experience in financial services.

Vladimir Nikitin

World-class professional and legal consulting with over 10 years of experience in the legal, finance, retail, and IT industries. Renown cryptocurrency expert and ICO advisor (Top-5 worldwide ICObench Certified Expert).

Anton Shilov

Legal Advisor

Master of Laws, Manchester Metropolitan University (United Kingdom). Expert in corporate governance, English and Russian Law and business modeling.

Svetlana Kadomtceva

Science Advisor

Head of the Modern Financial System Centre. Doctor of Science (Economy), Professor at the Faculty of Economics, the Lomonosov Moscow State University.

Maksim Mishchenko

Entrepreneur, specialist in international business development and investor relations. Fluent in 4 languages, responsible for project’s growth worldwide.


Kirill Granev


Managing partner of Custodian Foundation. Entrepreneur. Expert in blockchain technology and asset management.

Alexey Tikunov

First investor, co-founder

Businessman, Candidate of Science, the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Blockchain-enthusiast since 2015.

Artem Vishenin


Entrepreneur, ideological inspirer. Specialist in smart contracts. Web Analyst RUNetSoft.

Alexandra Matveeva


Lomonosov MSU, Bauman MSTU Alumna, University of Canterbury Graduate. BA in Linguistics, MA in Industrial Design. Alexandra has three years in Project Management and Business development (Exibitions & Events). Two years in ICO and cryptocurrency. Inspired by travel, smart people, books. Crypto addicted lady, she is responsible for all operational activities in Monoreto and does everyting with perfection

Mikhail Bondarenko

Director of Marketing and PR

Professional marketer with working experience in Russian and foreign companies. Expert in marketing and PR, strategic planning and sales.

Valentin Nagovitsyn

Art Director

Professional designer of services and mobile applications with 8 years of experience. Organizer and designer of public spaces.

Konstantin Modestov

Software Architect

Candidate of Science, Faculty of Physics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University. 10 years of experience as a software developer and architect, expert in systems architecture.

Dmitriy Torshin

Blockchain Developer

Master of Science (Cryptography) with experience in ICO projects. Expert in data protection. Blokchain enthusiast since 2014.

Andrey Vinnikov

Chief Developer

Leading frontend developer with experience in building highly loaded systems. Expert on data protection and cloud technology.

Alexandra Solodyankina

Core Developer

Multi-skilled developer, specializing in mobile applications (IOS and Android), with experience in developing educational platforms.

Anton Chervenko

Big Data Scientist

Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics of the Lomonosov Moscow State University (Master of Science). Expert in neural networks (LSTM).

Zakhar Burmakov


Zakhar is an MSAL and MAMI Graduate. He has a BA in International Law and an MA in Engineering. Zakhar has 4 great years of experience in cryptocurrency and ICO. He worked as a CBDO with 5 successful projects. He is Crypto Enthusiast and Blockchain Geek. His best qualities are responsibility and honesty, that makes Zakhar a highly professional Business Development Officer.

Anton Kuklinskiy

SMM & Bounty manager

Anton has a Master's in Technics. He has four years of experience in heavy machinery and three years in cryptocurrency and ICO. Full-Stack Bounty manager, SMM -manager. Also inspired by smart contracts and graphic design.

Anastasia Doronina

Junior Business Development Manager

Anastasia is an MAI graduate, she has Bachelor's Degree in IT and she has MBA form Bauman MSTU. Anastasia has 3 years of experience in management. She works with cryptocurrency and ICO startups because she is in love with the digital economy and understands blockchain coding as well as business administration.

Alexandr Tolstikov

Blockchain developer

Alexandr Buldakov

Fullstack developer

Eugene Diakonov

Backend developer

Dmitry Pshenin

Business Development Manager

Expert in ICOs, blockchain, SAFTS, fund offerings, and business development strategies. Founder of ICOBoard (peer to peer network for institutional investors, family offices, ultra high net worths, limited partners, and funds). Dmitry’s experience, knowledge, and understanding of global markets is truly impressive.


Monoreto is a mix of Instagram, SteemIT, Kickstarter, a charity platform and HQ Trivia. It's a social network with monetization of likes. When you tap the "like" button you send at least 5 cents in Monoreto tokens.

We are developing a lot of mechanisms to motivate liking. The basics are:
    – when you put likes you also promote your own account in the newsfeed (along with accounts that receive many likes);
    – if you put many likes, you can get a part of Monoreto's weekly profit;
    – by liking photos, you participate in forecast competitions. Like photos with a certain hashtag or from a certain category, and if they get the majority of votes (likes) you win prizes     – when you put many likes, you have a high rank and everyone see it;
    – when you like projects in Monoreto Investment (crowdfunding), you can get some benefits from it (i.e. being among the first who get the product, visiting this project events as VIP, etc.).

125,000,000 MNR are available.
6% will be allocated via Pre-ICO.
57% via ICO.
23% to initial platform users.
11% remains the company’s share.
3% used for bounty prizes.

All unsold tokens will never be released, so it is the same as if they were burned.

In Singapore.

Уes, all the details are here https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4728973

Investment token — MNR
MNR belongs to the ERC-20 type and can be exchanged for all ERC-20 tokens natively through the vast majority of popular DEXs and CEXs. Also, those who are interested in the project have the unique opportunity to buy the tokens.

Application utility tokens - MONO
MONO token is launched on the Waves platform — a popular blockchain an the extremely comfortable interface, fast transactions and low fees. It can be also used for project services rewards. Also, if you want to trade the MONO token, you can easily exchange it directly on our site for the MNR token in 1:1 proportion.

Generally you need to click "Add token" or "Add custom token" in the wallet and paste this information:
Token contract adress – 0x5f824733d130Ad85EC5e180368559CC89D14933D
Token symbol – MNR
Decimals – 18
After that your tokens will be displayed in the walllet.
Note! Token contract adress and pre-ico contract adress are not the same, they have different functions. Don't send ETH to the token contract adress!

Official partners


Monoreto: Ogranic growth


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Monoreto roadshow


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Monoreto: Joining The Club


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Monoreto: Q3, 2018 — The Results of Second Asian Roadshow & Token Sale


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Monoreto Token Review


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Monoreto Business Development Crew On Tour: News from Asia


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World blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018
The fully working product - Monoreto social network - is planned to be released on August 15th


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World blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018
Monoreto takes the stage as partner at the World blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018


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Monoreto Launch New Social Network Platform
Monoreto Launch Their New Social Network Platform


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Monoreto Launch Their New Social Network Platform

The new social network Monoreto has announced it release its beta version on May 4th. The blockchain project invites its first users to experience network advantages and to monetize their content and their interactions with each other. This social network will disrupt the media landscape: any user will be rewarded, and influencers will get more opportunities for development.

The platform’s Android application is already available on Google Play.

Monoreto takes the stage as partner at the World blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit 2018

Monoreto, a global social network with «like» monetization feature, took the stage as a partner at the World Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Summit in Moscow on 19-20 May. Over the weekend more than 300 experts were sharing their experience with an audience of three thousand guests. The theme of the May Summit was «How will cryptocurrencies and blockchain change the global economy? What are the best decisions for each field?». The main objective of WBCSummit was the coalescence of experience and expertise of crypto and blockchain specialists around the world in order to create international standards for the field and for effective development of blockchain technologies. The speakers covered a wide range of problems from various sectors and adressed the following issues: security of ICO investment with the help of state regulation; which lawmaking initiatives for cryptocurrency operations will be the best for all market players; how to support social projects aimed at digital technologies development and others.

During this grand Summit, Monoreto was successfully introduced to investors and cryptofunds from more than 30 countries of Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia and received plenty of positive feedback and offers for cooperation.

Monoreto is a social network with its own MNR token - unlike centralized networks, it allows to monetize likes. The value of one like is pegged to US dollar and equals 5 cents. The project offers brand new approach to using social networks, where one can earn exclusively with his content on the blog without advertising.

Monoreto's CEO Kiril Granev with the Adviser to the President of Russia, Gherman Klimenko at the 2018 WBC Summit.

Alexey Tikunov, Monoreto's co-founder, CEO, Kiril Granev and part of our Moscow team at the 2018 WBC Summit.

The fully working product - Monoreto social network - is planned to be released on August 15th

Monoreto's team is actively working on the development of the product which is to be released on August 15th — very much ahead of our initial roadmap schedule.

After the release we will announce the plans for further tokensale. With Monoreto you will be able to get paid for content you produce. Moreover, users will get benefits not only when they receive "likes", but when they "like" other users' photos and videos.

Monoreto Business Development Crew On Tour: News from Asia

Our COO Alexandra Matveeva and our CBDO Zakhar Burmakov started their Asian road show — the series of business meet-ups in China and Singapore. Within the framework of the roadshow they will talk to local start-up angels and venture investors. But the first days of trip is dedicated to the participation in outstanding fin-tech events these countries are known for.

Tomorrow they will join the NIFTY Hackathon and Conference. This magnificent event is dedicated to blockchain gaming and decentralized applications, Coinbase and 0x platforms sent their speakers to the sessions of this forum. Non-Fungible Tokens, Lightning and Raiden Infrastructure problems will be discussed with the leading professionals of the sphere.

On July 26 our business developers will join the Blockchain Summit in Hong Kong. Monoreto platform is the Silver Partner of this event organized by UNICOM — this is a sign of great acknowledgement in the industry. Our guys will present the stand of Monoreto and speak about our project with the guests.

The rest of the road show will be spent in Shanghai and Singapore. Alexandra and Zakhar will have a meetings with the Korean and Chinese investors highly interested in the investment in Monoreto platform.

We will post a news and photos here, don’t miss them!
With cheers from Asia,
Monoreto Team

Monoreto Token Review

Have a look on the features of our token and invest in the revolutionary social media platform


Monoreto token is a multi-purpose project currency. Initially, we designed it to execute multiple functions, to deliver various platform services and to be the investment tool. The amount of tokens issued is limited, the additional emission is not scheduled. As the first round of pre-sale is finished successfully, don’t miss the second round of pre-sale (August 15, 2018) and ICO (October 20, 2018) to get the tokens with the guaranteed demand for!

Monoreto Token to Pay and Invest: MNR

As you can find from our basic token announce, the MNR token is a utility-token for the project services. Technically, it belongs to the ERC-20 type as it can be exchanged for all ERC-20 tokens natively through the vast majority of popular DEXs and CEXs. Also, you will be able to exchange it on Ethereum and Bitcoin or fiat money via popular services. You can also get it organically, using the service and receiving the MNR for the likes, comments, reposts etc. By the way, you can collect MNR through participating in our Bounty campaign. Also, those who are interested in the project, have the unique opportunity to buy the tokens. We have already sold 17M out of 22M tokens issued during the first round of pre-sale. All the information about the token is available via public smart contract: 0x5f824733d130Ad85EC5e180368559CC89D14933D (ticker MNR, 18 decimals). You can easily add it to your preferred wallet (e.g. MyEtherWallet) and trade it on EtherDelta and other exchanges. But don’t send any ETH to this smartcontract as it will be missed!

Monoreto Token for technical purposes: MONO

Monoreto also provides you with the unique instruments for the investments. MONO token is launched on the Waves platform — a popular blockchain with the extremely comfortable interface, fast transactions and low fees. It can be also used for the project services reward. Also, if you want to trade the MONO token, you can easily exchange it directly on our site for the MNR token in 1:1 proportion. Beware: our MONO token works on Waves platform and it will be used only for technical purposes. We have nothing in common with ERC-20 MONO tokens (e.g. this one and that one).

Token Distribution

Firstly, we are proud of our clear and transparent scheme of token distribution and spending the money collected during ICO.

3 % of sold tokens will be paid for the Bounty hunters, 11 % are reserved for the team, 23 % are the reward for the oldest users when 63 % are alleged to the crowdsale.

15 % of the money collected will be spent for the application development, 55 % for its marketing promotion, 25 % for the platform upgrade and 10 % for the legal issues.

125M of MNR tokens is the maximum amount of our tokens. When one MNR token is purchased, one MONO token is being reserved for the token holder.

The price of MNR token depends on the stage of crowdsale. Only during the pre-sale second round (August 15 — October 15) we sell it for the 0,03 USD. On Oct 20 — Nov 3 the tokens will worth 0,04 USD. The price will be increased three more times: on November 4, November 18 and December 2. So, on the final stage it will worth 0,05 USD. The crowdsale ends on December 31, 2018.

The full amount of money collected during the crowdsale will be stored on smart contract. Thus, every Ethereum send will be shown which makes our pre-sale and ICO really transparent and open. In case of failure to reach the cap, all money will be sent back to the addresses of owners.

By a word, don’t miss your opportunity to invest (i) in a project with clear social message, (ii) with the responsible and experienced team, (iii) with the transparent and smart scheme of token sale.

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Monoreto: Joining The Club

The Monoreto Team is growing! We are pleased to announce the addition of new members to the team who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the Monoreto Project.

Meet Shehab Ahmed. Shehab is the new blockchain advisor for Business Development. He is a lawyer and has been a partner in his firm for more than 10 years. Shehab brings a strong tech and marketing background to the project, having worked with networks in the middle east and Africa.

Business Development also welcomes a new editor and copywriter to the team. Teri Burns is an editor and copywriter for projects of all sizes with more than 20 years’ experience. Additionally, she has 10 years of experience in journalism.

Wang Xinyu also joins Business Development as a professional translator of Russian, English and Chinese. Wang served as the credits project community manager and knows the blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies well. Additionally, he supported the VRT Project as a translator and consultant.

Sevil Baer is a professional journalist, editor, and director. She how managed communicatoins and PR at several startup and founded an interactive publishing agency, an innovative book platform, and complex technical projects in pharmaceutics, IT, and entertaiment. She also werked with the Russian goverment found for the development of interpersonal communicatoins.

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Monoreto roadshow

MANILA — Innovative social media app Monoreto will be unveiled Tuesday, October 10, in Manila, capital of the Philippines.

The five-star hotel Pan Pacific, in the heart of the city, has been chosen for this event, where Founder Alexey Tikunov and Business Development and Investment Relations Manager Sevil Baer will present the live app and its affiliates program. The presentation is set for 7–10 p.m.

This will be the first time the Monoreto Project has been presented as a ready-to-use product available on Google Play and on the Appstore. Manila was chosen for the event because Asia is the most important market for the project, according to Baer, who noted the Philippines is especially important.

“Monoreto is very excited to meet with potential investors, crypto enthusiasts and potential partners who can help with our strategic expansion in Asia,” Tikunov said of the event. “We want them to get to know the team, the project and its affiliate program.”

Monoreto is a new type of social network that offers the monetization of likes for all participants. It also provides income for participants at all stages — from the investment phase, through the growth period, into its expansion.

The team will be in Manila for a few days, as well as Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, where they will meet with several popular funds and private investors.

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Monoreto: Ogranic growth

Let’s talk about organic growth. What is it and what does it mean for today’s plethora of new apps? There are two ways for new apps to drive installs: organic and non-organic. An organic install is one where a user finds an app they like enough to purchase or download without being paid to do so. With non-organic installs, users are incentivized to encourage a download and installation of an app. The latter do not always bring value to a company and can be a waste of time and money because non-organic growth is not long-term.

Take applications like the new Monoreto Project. This app is working to become a united social network by combining many of the features found on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and blogs and cross populating each with posts to the Monoreto app. The blockchain-based app works through an affirmation system to allow users to earn tokens for likes on their posts. In turn, users pay for tokens to use in liking other user content. The more users affirm their fellow Monoreto participants, the higher they rank in the app and the more visible their own content becomes, thus earning higher likes.

All of the Monoreto app growth is organic, and 76 percent of site visitors become users. The Monoreto team attributes this growth to the advantages of the new app over current social networks that do not monetize the average user’s posts. The team notes that an increasing percentage of people prefer to receive information in the form of images and short text, in keeping with Monoreto’s format. Furthermore, the app offers users the chance to earn additional tokens in contests and giveaways that they can also sponsor.

Monoreto will soon announce new tools to attract regular users and is now working with a network of bloggers to attract audiences from popular social networks to the Monoreto app.

All of this contributes to the organic growth Monoreto is now experiencing as a new app. Building users through loyalty to the unique Monoreto monetization concept means those users are more likely to stick around than users attracted by specific incentives and certainly is a more solid foundation than downloads created by bot farms just to increase the app’s presence in the App Store or on Google Play.

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Payments and refunds

Payments. Paying online with a bank card

Our site allows purchases online, and you can pay for our Product by using Visa or MasterCard bank cards. After accepting the purchase of the Product selected, a secure window with the Fondy processing service will open, where you need to enter the information of your bankcard. 3D Secure is used for additional user verification. If your bank supports this technology, you will be redirected to their server for additional authentication. You can find more information about additional authentication methods by contacting the bank, which issued the card to you.

Security guarantee

Fondy system protects and processes your bankcard information according to PCI DSS 3.0 security standard. The information to the payment system is sent encrypted with the use of SSL encryption technology. Further information processing is done through closed banking networks, which have the highest security measures in place. Fondy does not send or give your bankcard information to any third party. 3D Secure technology is used for additional user verification.

Online payments safety

The information you enter (name, address, phone number, email, credit card number) is confidential and is never shared with anyone. Your credit card information is always sent encrypted and is not stored on our Web-server.

Bank guarantees the safety of all processed online payments. All operations done with the payment cards are done according to the requirements listed by VISA International, MasterCard, and other payments systems. Special technology is used to send the information to ensure security of online purchases, and the information is processed on a secure high-tech server of the processing company.

Delivery of tokens

After conducting our preICO smartcontract to send tokens to your IRC 20 wallet or return of investment on Deposit.


Refund of payment to the customer is effected upon request to our email: finance@monoreto.com

Legal Entity

LTD "ProfAliance"
ОГРН 1125001001927
Legal address: 117303, Moscow, ul. Kakhovka, d. 9B, POM. 4P

Monoreto: Q3, 2018 — The Results of Second Asian Roadshow & Token Sale

Business Development department of Monoreto team returned from the second Asian roadshow. During this important and saturated trip, we held the series of meeting with blockchain specialists and investors in Jakarta and Hong Kong. In total, we participated in more than 10 interesting meetings with dedicated and skilled qualified blockchain adepts!

Monoreto Team in Indonesia

Two or three years ago Indonesia was a kind of terra incognita for the world of blockchain. By the way, in 2018, Forbes published the review on local efforts in this sphere, announcing that ‘Indonesia could become a blockchain hub but need more education and tech’. ‘Education and tech’ — that’s exactly what Monoreto leaders can bring to the region. We found that people in this country are fascinated by the blockchain idea itself and the social blockchain start-ups in particular. We received the initial investments in the amount of 200 ETH ($60K as at the period of roadshow) — and we are sure it’s only the very beginning. You can trace the path of the investments via the Ethereum exlorer for the following smart contract: . As you can see, new investments from 0.1 to 100 ETH are received by Monoreto every day. Our Indonesian correspondents promised us to continue the investments after the ‘feeling’ of product became obvious.

Monoreto on Unblock Community 2018, Hong Kong

After the Indonesian meetings finished, we left this magic country and went to Hong Kong. Here we participated in Unblock Community 2018 — the annual blockchain and ICO conference. This event addressed one of the thorniest problems of nowaday blockchain business development — ‘how to build and monetize the community around the blockchain project’. The meeting was held in Hong Kong Cyberport which is widely known as one of the world blockchain and fin-tech centers. Polymath, Bancor, ICORating, EXMO sent their representors as the speakers for the conference. Our COO, Alexandra Matveeva also joined the row of key speakers and made a presentation of our project, its product and token. Her speech within the framework of second day pitch session was highly appreciated by the community and warmly welcomed by experts. Alexandra discussed the problems of community building with the most experienced professionals who build the community of 100K+ people around different kind of fin-tech and crypto-related projects. Also, in Hong Kong our team discussed the investment and consulting issues with Asian and European sectoral professionals. Alexandra told, that the product placement and development on the falling market patterns were among the most interesting topics discussed on this forum.

Future Roadshow Plans and Tokensale

We realized that both Monoreto roadshows targeted mostly Asian crypto community. Thus, we decided to organize our next business trip to Europe. We plan to visit Switzerland as one of the most popular and recognized centers of worldwide banking and blockchain industry. Here we also plan to participate in conference and to the series of investment & consulting meetings.

Finally, we kindly remind you about the progress of our token sale. As we announced, during the Second Pre-Sale Round the price of token will increase monthly — every month the MNR token will be 20 per cent more costly. On the upcoming stage of this round one MNR costs 0.03 USD. In October, the price will be 0.04 USD. Our crowdsale ends on December 31, 2018 and the unsold tokens will be burnt.

So, the process of product and token development in Monoreto — social network with the monetization of likes — is well under its way. Install Monoreto, use Monoreto, invest in Monoreto!

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